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Kevin Rize

PPCT/Human Factors Science Staff instructor, Kevin Rize, conducts instructor seminars to law enforcement officers, correction officers and civilians.

Law Enforcement

 Kevin Rize retired after a 29-year career with the Canton Police Dept., Canton MI.  While with Canton Police Department, Kevin became the lead instructor in subject control, firearms, Taser, chemical agents, driving and PIT.  Kevin designed and implemented use of force courses into the Canton Police Dept. He has developed training programs, trained agency instructors and written manuals for in-house training.  He was also part of the rapid response team, motorcycle and bike units.  

PPCT/Human Factors Science

Kevin has taught PPCT/Human Factors Science (HFS) instructor programs since 1990.  In 2006, he passed an intensive training program to become a PPCT/HFS Associate Staff Instructor.   Sept of 2019, Kevin completed a research project to become a Staff instructor for the organization. He has taught over 3,000 instructors throughout the U.S.,  England and basic courses in Saudi Arabia.  Both civil and criminal courts have recognized him as an expert in lethal and non-lethal force.

Contact Information

Kevin Rize


Tele: 734-716-6494

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